Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life insurance is permanent insurance that provides lifetime protection for a level premium. Depending on the plan, Whole Life insurance spreads the cost of insurance either over the lifetime of the policy or over a limited period of time

The 20 Pay Option: If a person is 30 when they purchase a Whole Life policy, with the 20 Pay option, they will pay a guaranteed premium until the age of 50. They will have the insurance coverage for the rest of their life, though they will not be required to pay further premiums.

  • The 65 Pay Option: With this option, one continues to pay the guaranteed premium until the age of 65. At that time, like the 20 Pay Option, the insured owns the insurance coverage for life and is not required to pay more premiums.

Understanding that each person's Life insurance coverage needs are unique, Favas Insurance offers several different Life insurance plans, so along with your advisor, you can choose the one that best meets the individual needs of you and your family - no matter what stage of life you are currently at.

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